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What people say about Smart OOH
OOH Media - The Smarter Solution to Drive Customer Traffic
Rachel Summers
Freelance Media Buyer & Strategist

Most of us are hit by 100's of advertising messages every day.  Who can remember the messages they saw?   If you ask most people to define marketing, they’d go with definitions like “to inform about the product”, “to create brand awareness” or “to spread the word”.   All these definitions are wrong because of the same reason: they serve the company’s goals, not customers’.  Smart OOH Solutions is actually fulfilling the customers needs by providing  access data the customer wants, instantly and interactively.    

Smart OOH Advertising Solutions
Leonard Prince 
- Marketing Research Consultants UK

In my 40 years of marketing, Smart OHH is a commonsense add on to OOH Media.   It enables businesses a greater opportunity to garner qualified & engaged traffic that they might otherwise have lost.    I mean, who isn't without a phone these days?  Come on!

Smart OOH Advertising Solutions
Mike Wyatt
B.Ed, Elementary Education & Teaching - Massey University

There's nothing much too hard to understand about SOOH.   As an add-on to OOH Media it's a no-brainer.   Whilst there have certainly been great advances in Neuro Impact Factor (NIF) by the OMA, it overlooks the fact of engaging people at point of contact and that's where Smart OOH Advertising Solutions brilliantly steps in to drive customer traffic.

Smart OOH - Out of Home Advertising Solutions
Collin Meyers
Managing Director - GRN Insurance Brokers

Lateral thinking at it's best. One thing about Trev is he shreds all the BS from marketing and gets down to the nitty gritty of what works.   The strategy of  integrating Smart OOH into OOH Media oozes practicality & commonsense for any Business Owner.   Period.

Smart Out of Home (OOH) Advertising Solutions for OOH Media
Rick Jovero
Head Researcher at Eyedeas International

I've conducted a ton of research on OOH Advertising, and everything points to the fact that Smart OOH is a natural and integral step forward for any business that utilizes OOH Media For any business not to integrate Smart OOH would be a complete oversight in their quest to reach more potential customers instantly. 

OOH Smart Advertising for Out of Home Media
Sandra Murphy
RCA Venture Capital  - Independent Financial Advisor 

I have no doubt that any business (where it's applicable) would want to draw more potential clients with Smart OOH Solutions.   If I'm in the market to buy a particular service or product & I have the opportunity to instantly learn more, then why wouldn't I?   The key ingredient here is to provide a great 'call to action'.  Then I believe Smart OOH has their strategy nailed.